Sixth Azana National Convention

Join us at the AZANA Convention, July 19-23, 2023! Experience "Nearing Home" - Ignite your faith journey with inspirational worship, engaging seminars, and uplifting fellowship. Renew your faith, cultivate your purpose, and draw closer to your heavenly home. Don't miss out - be part of this transformative event!
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Azana Weekly Events

Please join us on our next event


Friday Vespers - Ignite Your Faith Every Week!

Experience the power of community. Join the AZANA community to participate in our uplifting Friday Vespers. Engage in inspiring Bible study, soul-stirring songs, and thought-provoking sermons. Be part of a vibrant fellowship that fuels your soul and strengthens your faith.

Morning Manna - Nourish Your Spirit Daily!

Connect with the AZANA community to start your day right. Join us for Morning Manna, where we share stories and receive a short sermons that uplifts and inspires. Be part of a community that nourishes your spirit and keeps the flame of faith burning brightly.